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DIEGO GUZMAN is a film composer & classical pianist based in Toronto, Canada. Diego graduated from Carleton University in June 2020 with a Bachelors Degree in Music, majoring in classical piano and composition. He has composed music for award winning short films such as Sand and Stone(2019) and Aliya(2019). Both of these films received the "Best Film Award" at the DIGI60 Spring 2019 Film Festival & DIGI60 Winter 2019 Film Festival. From 2018-2020, Diego composed music for over 10 documentaries, campaign videos, and PSA advertisements produced by Carleton University. He also studied with Gemini Award Winning Film Composer Ed Eagan. In June 2019 he was asked to compose the score for Carleton University's Music Department commercial.   


Diego has been playing classical piano since age six & his biggest influences include Chopin, Liszt, Mozart, and Kabalevsky. Diego specializes in emotive orchestral compositions, with strong roots grounded in cinematic epics. He is passionate in storytelling through music and is a strong believer in fine-tuning details.  


He is also versatile in contemporary electronic music production, capable of producing EDM, HipHop, Pop & Dubstep. Current projects include short films for film directors at the University of Toronto and contract work for Carleton University.  


October 2020 

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